The Scarred Mother. Ripped from the very heart of a tranquil forest, the Mother’s scars bore all the tales that need be told. Its painful separation from the rest of its kind left an indelible mark in its own way.

The Natural. Boasting a beauty that is inherently raw, yet maintaining a luster that exudes elegance and regalia, the Natural is a finish with a recurring theme of resilience, simplicity, and pomp, all in an unassuming, rustic overall look. Although initially a “common” look, closer inspection reveals an intricacy to each finish that cuts like a knife.

32mm x 52mm x 103mm height

510 connector
Dual 18650 Battery Series Configuration
Self-adjusting positive pin
Stainless Steel Large soft firing button
SX550J Chipset By Yihi
Bluetooth IOS Only
USB 3.0 Type C
Stabilized Wood Body
Stabilized Wood frame with combination of stainless steel
Joystick controller
Stainless Steel Hinges battery door
with Rhodium contacts
Emblem Logo


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