Vanguard (The Night Shade)


The Vanguard. A herald of things to come. Boasting a unique and innovative take on the tried-and-tested squonk concept of yesteryears, the Vanguard utilizes our custom-made Slide Bottles for a smooth, hassle-free squonking experience. Powered by YiHi’s SX475 Chipset, a versatile chipset that caters to the wide array of vaping styles prevalent in today’s ever-changing spectrum of vapers, the Vanguard stands at the forefront of the squonk battlefield. Are you ready?

The Night¬†Shade. Shrouded in pitch black, this finish is for those who fancy an overall sleek design on their devices. Crafted exquisitely from only the finest materials, with the most intricate detail, the Night Shade’s timeless look is one that suits any occasion.

28mm x 57mm x 90mm height

Self Adjusting 510 connector
Single 18650 battery
Stainless Steel Large soft firing button
Sx475j Chipset
Anodized T7 Aluminum body
Stainless Steel Frame
Joystick Controller
Copper Contacts
Front Panel Emblem Logo
Includes one slide bottle
New Easy Refill System
New 316 Stainless Steel Slide Bottle

*Vanguard Key Chain is Sold Separately