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The Kiln Of Sorrow. A craftsman's workplace, riddled with memories of melancholy, the pallid hues that adorn the Kiln serve as a reminder that failure, while a brutal master, is also ...

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The Forgotten. Cast aside as a distant memory, never to be whispered in the most clandestine of secrets, the Forgotten's pallid hues evince a striking truth. As a thing fades, it unle...

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The Craftsman's Hammer. Wrought from a dark-grained slab of wood, and crafted to eerily resemble a workman's tool, the Hammer serves to remind its bearer that behind every thing of be...

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The Lightning Urn. Holding the ashes of a deranged hollow, and bathed in the radiance of the sparks of lightning that reduced it to such, the Urn serves as a craftsman's memory, and a...

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 Nature's Tears. Covered in a mossy finish, Nature's Tears boasts a truly natural look, b...

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