Knight X (The Abyssal Eye) VIEW


The Abyssal Eye. The Darkness that feasts upon the humanity within comes to a head with this finish. Boasting an amorphous shade encroaching upon a dazzling wooden finish, this relic ...

Knight X (The Rift Of Time) VIEW


The Rift Of Time. Fleeting and shapeless, Time herself is a fickle mistress. This finish boasts a beautiful, smattering rift of chaos. Oddly enough, such entropy makes for a ravishing...

Knight X (The Monarch’s Vice) VIEW


The Monarch's Vice. The rich monochrome hues that envelop the Vice tell a tale of excess and pomp that make for the perfect headpiece to this masterwork of a finish. The regal air it ...

Knight X (The Chaos Ember) VIEW


The Chaos Ember. Borne of the raging fires that embody Chaos itself, the Ember serves as pallid reminder that even the most unbridled flame seek a home to call its own. The rustic bac...

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