Clear Polycarbonate (Radius v2) VIEW


Clear Polycarbonate. This spiffy add-on to the return of the Radius showcases a classy, frosted finish. Its polycarbonate composition renders it both beautiful and equally durable.

Black Ultem (Radius v2) VIEW


Black Ultem. For those who fancy themselves a monochrome look for their Radius, this is just your cup of tea. Its black ultem exterior makes it resistant to heat, to accommodate even the most demandin...

Ultem Topcap (Radius v2) VIEW


Ultem. The semi-opacity of the amber variant of Ultem does little to offset its high resistance to heat and cracking, making this accessory a must-have for any Radius owners.

Atomizer Stand VIEW


One Good Turn Deserves Another. We care as much as you do about your prized atomizers. They are, after all, the crowning glory of any setup. Showcase your most coveted of collector's ...

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