Spade Juma (Blue 2) VIEW


Sapphire. With its dark azure hues, the scaled pattern of these finishes serve as a grim reminder that beauty need not always sparkle. In retrospect, some of the most "radiant" of bea...

Spade Juma (White 2) VIEW


Pearl. The snow-white hue that encompasses our pearlescent Juma offerings make for a cold touch to a fiery finish. Stark contrast has always been an odd beauty, and this lineup is no ...

Spade Juma (Teal 2) VIEW


Aquamarine. Enveloped in a cerulean embrace, this finish boasts a dragon scale look, showcasing our latest Juma acquisitions. The scaled pattern strewn across these devices creates a ...

Spade Juma (Pink 2) VIEW


Carnation. Flushed with a resounding pink hue, this show of force in the form of a dragonscale finish boasts our Juma acquisitions--a proud entry in the Vanguard's growing repertoire....

Spade Juma (Orange 2) VIEW


Inferno. Breathing a fiery glow across the ages, the burning Inferno and its red-hot blaze serve as a path marker to the forlorn, feeding frenzy and euphoric feeling alike. The dracon...

Spade Juma (Green 2) VIEW


Emerald. Embraced in a scintillating glow of emerald green, and borrowing from its scaled brethren, the Emerald finish in our Juma collection resonates with an eerie glow, and yet its...

Spade Juma (Brown 2) VIEW


The Ancient. As though ripped from the hide of a beast of old, the Ancient and its kin have embraced the dragonscale pattern that flecked their hides. Our Juma collection renders beau...

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