Stabwood Vanguard 205 VIEW


The Call Of Midnight. Darkness surrounds, and the howls of the unknown fill the air when the night looms darkest. This finish is an embodiment of such, and the untold horrors that lur...

Stabwood Vanguard 098 VIEW


The Gauntlet. Stalwart in its finish, yet not without a healthy dose of the pomp that makes royalty envious, the Gauntlet lends itself nicely to tales of both heroism and savagery wit...

Stabwood Vanguard 183 VIEW


The Festivity. The decidedly Yuletide look to this finish lends it a beauty that is both classic and contemporary. How so, you may ask? The richness of its hues and the rustic texture...

Stabwood Vanguard 016 VIEW


The Seafoam Bliss. Painted entirely in a breeze-laden seafoam green, this finish makes for a truly serene piece of hardware. Few finishes espouse the tranquility of a silent wave as t...

Stabwood Vanguard 132 VIEW


The Earth Divide. RIch earth-themed tones abound in this finish, making it the perfect piece for naturalists who prefer a tasty character to their collections. DIMENSION

Stabwood Vanguard 208 VIEW


The Nightmare Unending. In a scream that heralds a fear untold, the abject darkness that envelops this finish erupts in an uncharacteristically radiant beauty. DIMENSION

Stabwood Vanguard 055 VIEW


The Ravine. As though ripped from the very bluffs of the Aegean Cliffs, this finish and its rust-like hues make for a classy look, pulled together by the eccentricity of its unique de...

Stabwood Vanguard 182 VIEW


The Solar Flare. Brilliantly embodying the radiance of the sun, and tacitly bearing the darkness that stands in stark contrast, the Solar Flare's finish is truly a sight to behold. De...

Stabwood Vanguard 219 VIEW


The Cursed Rose. Few things are as beautiful as a floral aesthetic, and this finish is no different. Fusing the abject destitution of a curse, and the stunning beauty of a flower, dar...

Stabwood Vanguard 068 VIEW


The Shaman's Cup. As though crafted to house the very devils called forth from a Shaman's lips, the Cup lies a true relic of the forlorn and forgotten. Aged to perfection, it truly is...

Stabwood Vanguard 163 VIEW


The Shoreline. Painting the image of a picturesque beach, untainted by the woes of the world, few finishes find themselves as serene as the Shoreline does. Perfect for the collector w...

Juma Green Vanguard 085 VIEW


Emerald. Embraced in a scintillating glow of emerald green, and borrowing from its scaled brethren, the Emerald finish in our Juma collection resonates with an eerie glow, and yet its...

Stabwood Vanguard 147 VIEW


The Lightning Crash. Ripping the starless midnight asunder, the Crash of Lightning and the darkness that surrounds it makes for a truly astral appeal. The natural finish against which...

Stabwood Vanguard 003 VIEW


The Midnight Wood. Naturally finished and bathed in a moonlit radiance, the Midnight Wood was crafted meticulously to paint an image of a starless night, bathed only in the guiding li...

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