Driptip 510 Connector VIEW


Versatility Made Real. Boasting a 304 stainless steel to compliment the Vaux, the 510 Adaptor allows the Vaux to truly shine in the flavor department, fully realizing its capabilities...

Reduce Chamber VIEW


Less is more. Everyone loved a single-coil setup at one point. The Vaux opens itself to such proclivities. With this high-durability, fully-functional reducer, the Vaux can take you b...

Atomizer Stand VIEW


One Good Turn Deserves Another. We care as much as you do about your prized atomizers. They are, after all, the crowning glory of any setup. Showcase your most coveted of collector's ...

Easy Slide Bottles VIEW


SPECIFICATION 316 Stainless Steel Slide Cap 6.8ml capacity

Ultem Topcap (Vaux) VIEW


Durability Par Excellence. Looking for that kick-ass feel for your Vaux, without compromising durability and aesthetic appeal? Look no further. With its threaded cap and Ultem body, this accessory mak...

Micro Bore (Vaux) VIEW


DIMENSION 14mm x  14mm height 4.5mm micro bore SPECIFICATION Black delrindriptip

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